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UIC 2022 High quality traffic counting 


Product brief introduction
UIC-2022 BUS Passenger Counting System includes tranducers,door switch and counters.equipments need to be installed according to the size of bus door,in general,there are one counter,one door switch,3 tranducers in front doors, one counter,one door switch,2 tranducers in rear door.

Tranducers are responsible for catching information of passenger passing and sending to counters.

Door switch is for inspecting the state of bus doors,door switch is mounted on the door frame to check the state of door,start or close detecting function of counters.when the magnetic departs from door switch,door opens,the indicator goes off,at this time,counter starts counting function.otherwise,the indicator flashes.

Counters are for receiving information from tranducers and counting.

GPS auto terminal based on GPRS mobile network includes GPS module,GPRS module,controlling center software.

The controlling center software has been added a passenger flow data query function,when our counters connect GPRS module successfully,controlling center software send a query command,the passenger flow data can be checked.

Our Counters need to connect GPRS module RS485 Interface,then send passenger data through GPRS network to controlling center after GPRS distinguish the RS485 communication protocol,which will be supplied by us.

Tranducers instruction

1.Confirm Bus Door Size

At first,you need to confirm the bus door height and width,so we can choose suitable configuration:


available passing area

numbers of transducer

Within 70cm




Over 95cm



In order to get a no blind zone for monitoring, it is important to select suitable numbers of transducers to mount according to the available passing areas of the bus door.

2.Confirm Mounting Height of Transducer

As default settings of mounting height was made before leaving factory, the operator shall know that it can be mounted properly for the height of the bus door(Normally, the height of bus door is 2.0m). The allowed variation for the mounting height is 10cm beyond which it may lead to unusual problems for the operation of the transducer. Please specify upon ordering if a special mounting height is used.

Size of Our Transducer: 182cm in length, 52mm in width, 55mm in height



The mounting height herein refers to the vertical distance between the mounting location of the pedestrian flow transducer and the lowest flow by the bus door and would changes as the mounting location changes. Therefore, prior to purchasing a pedestrian flow transducer, please verify the best mounting location and calculate the according mounting height so as to avoid any unusual operative problems.

In case that users find out the practical mounting location is varied from the settled mounting location over15 cm, please contact us immediately.

3.Confirming Mounting Location of Transducer
The transducer shall be mounted at the location as shown in the pic below. Notes: Being at the right location the transducer would have no physical contact with any parts on the top of the bus door.otherwise it is wrong mounting location.



As shown in the figure above, part A moves in horizontal direction and part B rotates during the opening and closing of the door. The right mounting location of transducer shall be out of the moving range of the two parts.


 When totally three transducers have to be mounted, the middle one shall be located right on the cut line between the two door, keeping 17cm from either if the other two transducers.From left to right, they are transducer 1#, transducer 2#, transducer 3#. All three transducers must be in the same section.



With the reference of the average shoulder breadth of local people, the formula for calculating the spacing distance between the transducers is as below

spacing = (average shoulder breadth – 20)/ 1.8 cm

average shoulder breadth unit:cm     



By ensuring the transducers would not have any physical contacts with any mechanical parts on the bus door, the best distance between the transducer and the door section is 15-20cm. This distance shall be as large as possible if the best distance can not be achieved.

4.Confirming Direction of The Tranducer

The camera of the transducer could mover forward and backward, so mounting them must be in right direction or it would obtain opposite detection. The right installation is let the side with wires is toward the inner bus. All transducers must be mounted with same direction.


5.Connection Instruction
There are two connection modes, lateral connection and inside connection

 On the lateral side, there're four terminals. From left to right, they are Signal A, Signal B, Power +, Power -. These four terminals are connected to the wiring terminals of the transducer.




 Inner connection is on the back of the transducer with a cover on the terminals
















Door Switch instruction
Gate Controlled Switch must be applied with magnetic mass by which the magnetic switch is on with magnetic field around it. If there're no magnetic field around the switch or the intensity of magnetic field is less than the required level, the switch is off.



Gate Controlled Switch shall be installed near the rotating posts of the bus door or above the door leaf, so the intensity of the magnetic field would fluctuate according to the distance variation, producing signal 0 or signal 1. Thus, the switch can detect if the bus door is open or not.

After power on the pedestrian flow calculation system, if the door closed, the indicator on the gate controlled switch is off as the magnetic mass moves away from the switch; if the door opened, the indicator on the gate controlled switch is illuminated as the magnetic mass moves closer to the switch.



On the two ends of the magnetic mass are N pole and S pole. The gate controlled switch mainly detects the magnetic field near the S pole. Please change the magnetic direction if the indicator is not illuminated when the magnetic mass moves closer to the switch.



Passenger flow counter instruction




One set of UIC-2022 contains two pedestrian flow processing units . The one with ID 0001shall be installed in the darkroom on the top of the front bus door; the one with ID 0002 shall be installed in the darkroom on the top of the rear bus door. The two processing units are used to calculate the pedestrian flow at the front and the rear bus door, respectively.

The pedestrian flow processing unit is connected with the pedestrian flow transducer mounted above the bus door and applied to process the detective signals of the pedestrian flow transducer and calculate the flow at certain bus door. Five indicators on the panel of the processing unit show the current status.

Power Indicator ---- Lighted up if the processing unit is powered on

Stop Calculation Indicator
-- -Lighted up if the processing unit stop working; not functional while using SD as storage.

Inward Passenger Flow Indicator --- When inward flow is detected, the indicator flashes once for per passenger. The indicator can be used to test if the transducer is mounted in right direction.

Motion Signal Indicator – when transducer produces signals, the indicator flashes. It can be used to test if the transducer and the processing unit is firmly connected.

Outward Passenger Flow Indicator --- When outward flow is detected, the indicator flashes once for per passenger. The indicator can be used to test if the transducer is mounted in right direction.

RS485 interface is used to connect GPRS module

Door switch interface is for connecting door switch



The inward passenger flow and the outward passenger flow are calculated by the processing unit based on pedestrian flow model software, with a maximum 2 seconds delayed processing. In some special conditions, it may expand the delayed processing to 5 seconds.

System connection instruction