UIC-2023 High quality people counter infrared people counter

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ISO9000 CE
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built-in battery
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UIC-2023 High quality counter people 



1.Product Brief Description


2.System Function


3.UIC-2023 Wireless People Counter


4.Wireless Receiver Terminal


5.UIC-2023 Wireless People Counter Installation


6.Client Program


7.WEB Server Data Center



Detail Description:


1.Product Brief Description:


UIC-2023 wireless people counter composed of the TX transmitter and RX receiver.

Due to use battery power supply and wireless transmission, it is not necessary to consider the installation and wiring engineering.It will not damage your store decoration style, because our wireless people counter is very small and it even can not be found by customers. You can change the statistical position easy at any time.

Support by client program, it can carry out bidirectional data exchange through internet and remote server.

Low cost and easy installation are the biggest advantage. Suit for single store with one point or multi point, and as well as chain business model.


Technical Specification:


Flow direction recognition ability: bidirectional recognition (in and out)

Power supply:  lithium battery

Battery capacity: more than 8 months

The data transmission modes: active emission 

Radio frequency range: 315M

The wireless transmitting power: 10mW

The maximum transmission distance: 60m

The maximum flow rate: 2.5m/S

Detection methods: 880um active infrared

Detection range: > 8M (MAX)

Environment temperature: -15 °C - 60 °C

Humidity: < 95%

RX weight: 80g 

RX size: 80mm*46mm*25mm

TX weight: 50 g

TX size: 80mm*46mm*25mm



2.System function


RX wireless people counter and TX transmitter are installed on both sides of the entrance in stores, up to 16 sets counters can work at the same time in one store.

Each UIC-2023 wireless people counter can set a separate ID number corresponding to the installation location. When a customer passes,RX wireless people counter can automatically identify the direction of the customer and send radio wave coding by wireless transmission, the client software on the store PC machine can receive the wave coding from each wireless people counter through wireless receiving terminal and convert into text information displaying on the interface, while setting up the local database records.


To get people flow data analysis statements,WEB statements can be supplied and clients need to build remote server.


After stores establish network connection with the remote server, people flow data in stores will be sent to the remote server continuously, any computer can check people flow data on the server through WEB browser after getting the authorization.


3.UIC-2023 Wireless People Counter Function




RX wireless people counter and TX transmitter have the same appearance layout.

(1)ID DIP switch

 RX wireless people counters can be set ID according to the requirements.In the same wireless transmission area,16 RX wireless people counters can work at the same time.

(2)Charging interface   

 When prompted to low voltage alarm, charge by using DC5V power adapter through the interface

(3)Operating mode switch

The switch has three positions: off mode, operation mode, focus mode.

(4)Infrared receiver window

 For receiving the infrared signal from TX transmitter, make sure the windows clean, no foreign body blocked.

(5)Focus indicator

When Operation mode switch chooses to install auxiliary mode, the indicator is used to indicate the infrared signal receiving state to show if the TX transmitter and the RX wireless people counter installation location are correct

(6)Transmission indication

RX wireless people counter take the initiative to launch a set of encryption coding waves every 5 minutes,the indicator is flashing.

(7)Low voltage indication

RX wireless people counter built-in battery is below the minimum requirements, the indicator flashes to remind of charging.

(8)Charging indication

Using Output DC 5V power adapter for charging, the indicator turns on, the indicator turns off after charging is completed.


4.Wireless Receiver Terminal

Wireless receiver has two different operating modes to choose from:

(1)Using U315 wireless receiving terminal to connect a computer for data acquisition and remote transmission:




U315 wireless receiving terminal with a 16-channel receiving ability, which can receive radio waves signal from 16 the RX wireless people counters at the same time,and automatically decoded into digital signal of corresponding ID RX wireless people counter and receive specified device ID query from computer software


U315 wireless receiving terminal is equipped with a USB data cable, USB standard interface connects PC machine, power supply and communication are provided by USB port, no additional power supply, easy to use and flexible.


U315 wireless receiver terminal has automatic operating mode, can automatically start the full channel listener after electrify and filter radio waves in the air which are not transmitted by RX wireless passenger counters.


(2)Using WDM wireless data center terminal for independent data collection, storage and remote function:





WDM wireless data center terminal has Wi-Fi, TCP / IP network connectivity,can connect the external network through the router,realizing system time automatical adjustment, as well as bi-directional data exchange with server, built-256M hard disk memory space for saving wireless data from the UIC-2023 counter,and convert into real time data every 5 minutes


5.UIC-2023 People Counter Installation

UIC-2023 people counter is suitable for the entrance with less than 3m width, rely on distinguishing direction and counting when the crowd pass and keep out infrared ray.




RX counters and TX transmitters are installed on the both sides of the entrance, on door frame or channel walls,from a height of 1.3 meters above the ground.


RX counters are installed in the left side of the entrance,close to pedestrian departure direction.

The UIC-2023 people counter can identify passenger flow direction. The inverted or free installation will result in contrary passenger flow statistics.


6.Client Program

YWA Data center client program reads the people flow data from U315 wireless receiving terminals and produces information and writes into the local database, and at the same time establishes a network connection with the remote server to upload the local database records.



YWA data center client support breakpoint continuingly functions,the people flow data from U315 wireless receving terminal only are stored in the local database when the network connection with a remote server is in a failed state. When the connection with the remote server is normal, client program will continue the data transfer process.


YWA data center client program operation parameters configuration are unified management by the remote server.the client program can run automatically after reinstalling, you only need to download remote server operating parameter again, no need to set parameters by local staff, greatly reduce the system maintenance costs


Client Program Application:

YWA data center client program can only run in 32-bit environment:Windows2000/Windows XP / Windows2003 / Windows7 operating system.


YWA data center client program has remote data transmission function.configuration parameters must be downloaded from the server when it is first used, or it can not be used.


If this is your first time, please mail or call us, we will configure the operating parameters for your client programe to download, and then please keep the database and configuration files.


1.U315 receiving terminal connects PC machine USB interface through supporting USB data cable

2.The main program interface "Configuration" in the toolbar

User name, password, and shop number are entered correctly, click "Next".




Select "run of boot" feature if need,avoid data loss result from artificial operational errors




YWA data center client program support all types of our people counter products, select them according to the different types of products or interface method.




After all parameters have been set, click "Finish", YWA data center client programe automatically start the service




7.WEB Server Data Center


Server data center use the general network applications-the ASMX Active Server Methods, the server only needs to open the web service to realize remote data transmission function, stable operation and less resource consumption of the server.


To get people flow data analysis statements,WEB statements can be supplied and clients need to build remote server.


After stores establish network connection with the remote server, people flow data in stores will be sent to the remote server continuously, any computer can check people flow data on the server through WEB browser after getting the authorization.


If you need people flow data statements,We can supply customized web data statements and data center,but clients need to build remote server by self.

If you do not need,we will supply you equipments and client programe.